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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a derby?

A football derby is a highly charged match between longstanding rival teams, typically from the same city or region.

Derby.ist is a website that makes it easy to see which derbies are coming up in leagues around the world. The website also has historical results and links to video highlights of past derbies.

Which derbies do you track?

Here is a list of all the derbies and rivalry matches that we track. We are working to expand the depth of historical results and to include links to video highlights if they're available.

How do you choose which derbies to track?

We have aimed to include the most famous derbies and rivalries, but obviously we can't track every derby in the world. To help us fairly limit what we track, we only include in our database derbies or rivalries that have a page in English language Wikipedia. For example, here is the Wikipedia page for the Old Firm.

How can I let you know of a derby you're missing?

We very much welcome you letting us know if we've missed a derby. To get in touch, just reply to any issue of the Derbyist newsletter. Please include a link to the English language Wikipedia page for the derby in question. (See answer to previous question.) If there is no Wikipedia page, feel free to create one. If the new page successfully becomes part of Wikipedia we will happily add the matchup.

What is Highlighter?

Highlighter is a complement to Derbyist that has nothing to do with derbies. It provides easy access to video highlights for the most recent matches in the top five European leagues, as well as related cup tournament ties.

What is the Derbyist newsletter?

Each Monday the Derbyist newsletter delivers to your email inbox a schedule of the coming week's derbies, as well as results from the previous week with links to video highlights. Also included is Derbyist 5x5, a schedule of matches between the top five teams in the top five European leagues, also with links to video highlights of the previous week's games.

Is the newsletter free?

Yes, the newsletter is currently completely free, and the schedule of forthcoming derbies will always be free. In the future, derby results and video highlights, as well as Derbyist 5X5, may be available only to premium subscribers. (This change will likely not come for months, however.) In the meantime you can pledge support in order to maintain the continued operation of Derbyist. Bonus: commenting is reserved only for supporters.

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